Political Speeches at Neshoba Fair

Neshoba County, Miss. Mississippi Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves emphasized his conservative credentials at the Neshoba County Fair.

The Republican, who is expected to seek a second term next year, told hundreds of people Wednesday at Mississippi's Giant House Party that he has worked to balance the state budget and limit debt. He also says he has supported gun rights and abortion restrictions.

Reeves talked about some of the successes the state has achieved over the past couple of years including more funding for education and a fully balanced budget and rainy day fund.

Reeves says he believes with all this financial success, it's time to look at a pay raise for taxpayers.

"We are looking at possible ways that we can reduce the tax burden on Mississippi's taxpayers so as to improve our economy and increase the likelihood that we continue to grow economically," Reeves said. "And I think that's one initiative that we'll look very very closely at over the next several months."

During his speech, Reeves nicknamed his supporters 'tater tots' although he did not specifically answer whether he would be running for re-election.

Attorney General Jim Hood, a Democrat who is running for a fourth term in 2015, said that Mississippi needs to put more emphasis on improving public education.

Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney, a Republican, says he will seek a third term next year.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.