Post-Holiday Shoppers Fill Bonita Lakes Mall

The crowd wasn't a big as the pre-Christmas hustle and bustle, but there was a steady stream of shoppers at Bonita Lakes Mall in Meridian.

"We've been here since eight, and it's been kind of slow, but I think we'll get a nice crowd in," Penny Butchee of D'Or International says. "A lot of people are bringing back stuff, but we've still got a good crowd."

"Traffic has come in. Everybody's been extremely friendly exchanging gifts, buying gifts, coming in to get haircuts. Last minute haircuts, I guess since they weren't able to get them after Christmas," D.J. Pittman of Kut'n Up adds.

Many mall-goers were spilling in to return or exchange Christmas presents, but most had just one person in particular to search for.

Just because Santa has left the building, doesn't mean Christmas shopping is over. Many of the shoppers we spoke to said after the holidays is the best time to do a little shopping for yourself."

Starting with all those new gift cards they received. Freda Hammond says her family loves getting to choose their own presents after Christmas.

"Shopping, we're out spending our gift cards that we got for Christmas," Hammond says. "So we're doing our own Christmas shopping, right? And having a ball!"

And other shoppers, like Dora McKenzie and her daughter, say the after-holiday deals are too good to pass up.

"This is our tradition. My daughter and I usually do after Christmas sales because you get more for your dollars, so we as a tradition will do after Christmas sales and get bargains," McKenzie explains.

Whether you've got a new gift card that's burning a hole in your pocket or you're just searching for those after-Christmas deals... It's easy to find an excuse for a little post-holiday shopping.