Prayer Planned to Unite Community

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Organizers of a community prayer service Friday evening at 6:00 at Meridian City Hall are hoping for a strong turnout. .

Meridian resident Cynthia Griffin has been working with Mayor Cheri Barry and Meridian resident Keyani McNeil to bring the event to life. It's all part of an effort to curb crime in the community.

"We have community problems," Griffin says. "Not individual problems. I have a passion for our city coming together. All denominations, business people from every side of town."

"This is all about one Meridian, one community, being united in one," Mayor Barry says. "We have had so many different pastors and individuals that have come to me that want to pray for the success of the city. So, we're trying to get everyone under one roof, at one place."

It so happens that a second community prayer service has been scheduled, by coincidence, for Sunday at 4 p.m. at Dumont Plaza.

Organizer Odell Hopkins says there can never be enough prayer and that he plans to support Friday's prayer as well.

"Meridian is just like other cities," McNeil says. "The foundation is small, but it has the potential to be larger and greater. And if we all come together, then we can get to that point."

Organizers say the prayer Service Friday evening will last approximately 20 minutes.