Pre-K Students Learn about Weather

Our own meteorologist Brian Hutton, Jr., spent time in the classroom Friday morning.

The 4-year-old Pre-K students at St. Patrick Catholic School are currently studying about community helpers.
Brian was invited to talk about the weather.

Teachers say the students do pay attention to the weather forecasts.

"And the kids have done their own predictions about the weather. They have learned about tornadoes. They've learned about hurricanes," said April Gilbert, teaching assistant for Pre-K4. "We watch the weather every day to see if we're going to be able to go outside and play at recess or we have to go to the gym, and whether we need our coats in the morning or if we can leave them in the classroom when we go outside at p.E. In the afternoon."

If you'd like a school visit from one of our meteorologists, simply call the station at 601-693-1441, or e-mail or