Precinct Changes Reminder

Two heavily populated voting precincts have changed their locations for Tuesday's election, and Lauderdale County Supervisors want to remind people about the changes. District 2 will see voting in the Marion precinct change from the Marion Town Hall to the Lauderdale County Baptist Association building in Marion.

Supervisor Wayman Newell of District 2 explains, "We had redistricting, and District 2 had to take in more population to meet the redistricting lines, and that's why the city hall voting precinct went to the Baptist building."

Unlike the precinct at the Lauderdale County Baptist Association, which was moved due to redistricting, the precinct at Vimville Fire Department was moved Coker's Chapel United Methodist Church due to lack of space and safety concerns with traffic.

Supervisor Kyle Rutledge of District 5 tells us, "The Vimville Fire Station was just really small. It's the largest precinct in District 5, and it's right there by Southeast High School, and people park on the side of the roads, and when school got it, it was just a lot of traffic. Coker's Chapel is over near the middle school, but its on one of the side road, not the main road. They have a lot more parking, a lot more room, and it's going to be back behind the church in the family life center where the voting will actually take place."

Both locations are expected to have more voting machines than the previous voting places to help accommodate the higher traffic volume. Supervisors also tell us signs will be posted directing people to their correct voting location.