Premium Gas Sold for $2.57 Per Gallon

Photo by: Bradley Sudduth

Marion, Miss. Gas prices are dropping across the twin states as summer winds down, but some people may not have expected one price to fall this low.

For a time, premium gasoline was sold at the Chevron in Marion Tuesday afternoon for $2.57 a gallon.

All the other prices were correct, but that low price was a mistake. The price wasn't advertised on a sign so you had to have a keen eye to spot it at the pump. And several people did just that.

"I was like, you've got to be joking," said Gary Williams of Chunky. "I was like, you've got to be joking; it's $2.57. I say go get a hundred dollar tank and come on and load it up."

When Newscenter 11 left the gas station at 2:20 p.m., the price had been switched to the intended price, $3.57.

Customers were able to take advantage of that cheaper premium gas for a couple of hours.