Preparing to Feed the Hungry

Besides working daily to feed those who walk in their doors, volunteers at Love's Kitchen are also starting to make preparations for the Thanksgiving meal that will take place next Thursday. Love's Kitchen is still in need of some items to feed those they are anticipating.

Fannie Johnson, executive director of Love's Kitchen, says, "It's going pretty good. The dressing is taken care of. Some ladies from one of the churches is going to make the dressing for us. We have volunteers coming in to start on the macaroni and cheese this weekend, and then we have people starting on the sweet potatoes next week. We're still short of stuff for breakfast like jelly, milk, and butter, and we're running short on the green beans, and the turkey donations we're not sure about."

Even though there are still needs to be met for the Thanksgiving meal for next week, Johnson is not afraid they won't be able to feed those who walk in the door, because, as she says, the community has always stepped up and helped support Love's Kitchen.

"Whatever we needs walks in that door," explains Johnson. "You know, we've got a great community that cares about Love's Kitchen and cares about the community, and some days I can go through the pantry or go through the freezer and say, 'Oh Lord, I'm out of this," and it walks in the door, literally, without me making a phone call sometimes, but we've never had a day we couldn't put out a meal, never."

While Johnson says they do not need any more volunteers for Thanksgiving Day, she says being able to help out those less fortunate is what Thanksgiving is all about.

"They're very thankful. We have a lot of people just like some of the volunteers. It feels good to them to be able to help give something back to somebody, so you know, it's helping somebody and it's feeling good about yourself knowing that you came out to help the community," Johnson tells us.

To make a donation to Love's Kitchen, just stop by their location on 18th Avenue between 7am and 1pm Monday through Saturday.