Preparing for Cold Weather

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While it is late November and Christmas decorations are out in full force, if you are like many, you were probably still surprised to step outside on Sunday and notice how much colder it is outside. That is thanks to a line of rain that moved through our area Saturday night, bringing with it cooler temperatures that will hang with us for several days. Newscenter 11's Stephen Bowers says there are some things you should be doing to prepare for that colder weather.

"Right now is a good time to make sure you know how to react when cold weather is coming into the area and staying here for a long time," Bower points out.

He says there are some simple things you can do to avoid running into trouble as those winter-like temperatures set in, such as checking your car to make sure the anti-freeze is at the level it needs to be. Also, check your tires to be sure the air pressure is where it should be.

"There used to be a rumor that you need higher air pressure in your tires when colder weather is around and that is absolutely not true," Bowers insists.

Then there are those furry friends of ours that typically spend a lot of time outdoors. Bowers stresses that they need something to keep warm with as well. He says it's also important to check your pet's water frequently, as it can freeze.

"If you have pets outside and cannot bring them in, if you get them up off the ground, that's always a good idea," Bowers says. "Even if you can put them into a barn, like a horse or something. If it's dogs, maybe hay or a blanket. Something they can bundle themselves up in and help keep warm is always a good start."