Principals React to School Ratings

Meridian Public School District officials say it took hard work for the district to reach its current level of successful, a grade of 'C.'

Last year, Poplar Springs Elementary was two points away from being a star school, a grade of 'A.' This year, they achieved that mark and had the highest QDI of all area elementary schools. Principal Germany says the path to becoming a star school was not an easy one.

"It just proves that what we've been doing has been right thing for our students," Germany says. "We know that the support of our parents, the hard work of our children, and the hard work of the staff, it's all come together, and it's been a process. It's taken us several years to reach this point, but we've gotten there, and now we have to find the key to keeping it there."

West Hills Elementary made the greatest gain in the district by increasing 29 QDI points. Principal Robertson credits a new teaching technique called UNRA(A)VEL in helping the students succeed.

"Oh course this last year we started "UNRA(A)VELING" in February," Robertson says. "We trained all of our teachers from K through 5. Everybody's UNRA(A)VELING; we're using the 12 powerful words. Everything we did last year that worked, we're starting day one."

Meridian High School was just a fraction of a point away from being a successful school and increased 23 QDI points. Principal Hubbard attributes the school's success to the students buying in to being successful students.

"Students have realized the importance of doing well on the required state tests that they are having to pass in order to graduate, and they have taken on the responsibility of wanting to do well," Hubbard says.

The final goal district-wide is to be a high performing district, which is a grade of 'B.'