Problems Experienced during Saturday Absentee Voting

Meridian, Miss. Election officials across the state of Mississippi were surprised to deal with some technical difficulties during absentee voting Saturday morning.

Lauderdale County Circuit Clerk Donna Jill Johnson says the state election system was down across the state for over two hours, but they were able to use voter registration cards to properly document all votes. Lauderdale County brought in over 50 citizens Saturday morning to vote absentee, which is normal for our area. Johnson says the ratio of absentee voters was 10 to 1, Republican versus Democrat.

"We feel that we're going to have a unusually large turnout for this second primary on June 24 because of the interest and the hype and the advertising and all that, so we anticipate a good turnout," Johnson explains.

If you did not vote in the primaries on June 3rd, you can still vote on June 24th. But if you did vote in the primaries, you must vote within the same party.