Procedure Offers Relief for Overactive Bladder

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Meridian, Mississippi A Meridian doctor offers a procedure that brings relief to patients who have overactive bladders. That's a problem that affects one in six adults.

It's called InterStim Therapy and it's an implant that could bring a major life change for those suffering from an overactive bladder. Dr. James Purdy says if medication isn't working, or a patient is experiencing side effects, InterStim therapy may be the answer.

"There's no adverse effects," Dr. Purdy points out. "We can't injure the nerve, we can't cause a hemorrhage, we can't cause an infection. The beauty is the patient determines whether the procedure can go from step one to step two. "

Dr. Purdy says the first step is a five day test, followed by the implant, if the patient desires. Although Purdy is a women's doctor, he says he performs InterStim Therapy on male patients as well.