Protect Your Car Against Icy Temperatures

It seems the icy temperatures have led to nothing but problems: house problems, plant problems, road problems and, of course, car problems. Car shops all across our area say they've been extra busy for the past few days. And the Johnson Dodge service center in Meridian is no exception. The service manager says he's seen about a 10 to 15 percent increase in customers.

"Just because you have the ones that are out there that wouldn't crank, had to get them towed in. We went and jumped off a lot of people, got them up here and checked their batteries and they were bad. We've had three cars come in here so far with bad motors, due to it froze up," Lee Smith says.

But the number one issue they've been dealing with here has been car batteries. In fact, Smith says they'd seen 15 cars come in with battery trouble on Monday alone - a higher number than they usually see in an entire month.

When you hear that familiar clicking sound, and your vehicle won't start. That's a good sign, your battery's bitten the dust. Smith says you can try to jump it off, but with this freeze, you may have to have it towed.

"It's a little colder this year, so we've had a little bit more on the battery side. Every year when we have a deep freeze, we're going to get those motor jobs. They're coming," Smith says.

Your vehicle's next biggest concern? Antifreeze. If it isn't changed regularly or you've tried to replace it with pure water, your coolant could lead you to some pricey problems.

"Once it's froze, you've got problems. Not little problems, big problems. Real expensive problems," Smith says.

Smith says the best thing you can do is prepare before these problems hit. Make time for a quick antifreeze test. Check your air pressure. Make sure your tires are ready to handle an icy roadway. These simple solutions could save you a lot of money and hassle down the road.