Qualifying Ends for Municipal Candidates

Eight candidates are in the race for mayor of Meridian. And only one ward is uncontested.

Candidates for Mayor:
Rod Amos - Democrat
Cheri Barry - Republican
Percy Bland - Democrat
William Bond Compton, Jr. - Republican
Wally Hudnall - Independent
Randle Jennings - Democrat
Doug Nichols - Independent
Walter Patton - Independent

City Council Ward 1:
Brian Keith McCary - Republican
George Thomas - Republican
Martin Jack - Democrat
Ronnie Oberhaus, Jr. - Democrat

City Council Ward 2:
Kenneth Dustin Markham - Democrat
Mary Perry - Democrat
Nathaniel Pringle, Jr. -Democrat
Terry Stennis - Democrat

City Council Ward 3:
Barbara Henson - Republican

City Council Ward 4:
Thomas Everett Hopson - Independent
Craig Houston - Democrat
Kim Houston - Democrat
John Nelson, Jr. - Democrat
Jesse Palmer, Sr. - Democrat

City Council Ward 5:
Albert "Brick" Emerson - Democrat
Randy Hammon - Republican
John C, Harris - Democrat
Bobby R. Smith - Republican