Queen City Gypsies to Host Belly Dance Show

The Queen City Gypsies are kicking off the Halloween season on Oct. 19 with a pre-Halloween show at the Temple Theatre Ballroom. Over 20 belly dancers will perform several different styles of belly dance, but the excitement doesn't stop there.

"There'll be live music, entertainment, such as fortune telling, shopping," explained Gypsy Rose Hill. "Part of the proceeds are going to be donated to Mississippi Horses so all that type money will be staying right here in the state."

If you'd rather do some dancing on your own, the gypsies will be holding a tribal-style belly dance workshop in the afternoon.

"A lot of dancers around here who might just take ballet or jazz or been studying with QCG or Michelle over at Elegance, if they want a fresh perspective on a different type of belly dance, we encourage them to come out and take a lesson with this master instructor from Tennessee," Gypsy said.

Their show will also begin the Temple Theatre Midnight Haunted Tours, which the gypsies say is a great way to explore an important piece of Queen City history.

"The Temple Theatre is a very important part of this town's history because it's like a time capsule, really," Gypsy said.

The Temple is also right down the road from the Queen Gypsy's plot in Rose Hill Cemetery, one of the troupe's biggest inspirations.

"It's just so inspiring that out of all the places in the world that they traveled and go through, they ended up coming here giving our town really great cultural significance and I think we should celebrate that," Gypsy explained.

The show will be a family-friendly event, and people of all ages are encouraged to come out. Tickets for the show are $15, but if you come in your best Halloween costume, you can knock $5 off that price. The dance workshop is $30 per person. For more information, you can call Lynne Romero at the Temple Theatre at (601)693-5353.