Questions Linger in Man's Shooting Death

Meridian police have two individuals in custody for the shooting death of a 24-year-old man. MPD got the call about 12:30 in the afternoon that a man had been shot on 22nd Avenue Heights. When authorities arrived, they found a man lying in the front yard already dead. Lt. John Griffith says a man and a woman were in the home at the time, and both were taken in for questioning. They believe one of the two is responsible for his death.

"Right now what it appears to be is possibly, the victim was trying to get into the house, and one of the people in the house shot him. It's still under investigation, and we're still putting the pieces together to figure out what has went on," he says.

The coroner says the man was shot in the upper left torso only once near his heart and died soon after. Now investigators are trying to find out more about what happened.

"Now what we need answered is just the why. We know the where. So now we need to know the why and we can figure out where this case goes from here," Lt. Griffith says.

Off-camera, some in the area tell me that the victim was no stranger to the man and the woman in the home and that the victim might have had a relationship with the woman at some time.

Lt. Griffith says investigators are still learning more about the circumstances to determine whether murder charges are appropriate.