Quitman Breaks Ground on Fiber to the Home

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Quitman, Miss. Ever since the fiber to the home contest started, Quitman residents have been chomping at the bit to get this state-of-the-art internet.

Some thought it would be impossible for a small community to compete against larger cities, but in less than a year, Quitman broke ground to start laying the high speed fiber for C-Spire's fastest internet.

At a Wednesday ceremony, Mayor Eddie Fulton spoke how quickly C-Spire made this happen.

Fulton said, "The incredible thing is that this started off in September of last year. Within a year, we will have fiber to the home in Quitman. It is unbelievably fast. It is amazing. C-Spire is a great company and you have a very receptive audience in Quitman."

Fulton believes this Internet will give Quitman an edge in education and business and set them up for great success.

He says, "Scott Evans, who is a technical expert, he's going to open his business in Quitman. He is also the person who is going to teach the Microsoft professional level courses at our schools to enable our kids to have that certification. So all in all, our school is going to be improved and Scott is going to attract more businesses in here."

Now that the groundbreaking is underway, it's time for Quitman to start marketing what it has to offer the world.

Fulton talked about how the city will go about marketing and how they’ve already secured a domain name.

"Quitman.Ms is our domain name and we will develop our website from there and then the marketing campaign begins," Fulton says. "Here you are sitting in the middle of a city with a 454 acre lake, by a pristine river next to you, a golf course with 18 holes. That’s exciting and we have all kind of land to be developed so we do have people coming to town to take a look at that to see what we can do."