Quitman Fast Forwards with C Spire

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Quitman, Miss. Quitman has met the qualifications to receive C Spire's ultra fast 1 gigabit Internet. This will boost business and help start up companies grow even faster.

Some residents in Quitman see it as a positive turn for a town that some thought wouldn't last.

Pastor Gene Neal recalls what he thought when he first arrived in Quitman in September of 2000.

"I was looking around at a county, a community, a school district, a church, that I was passionate about, that was declining," said Neal. "I began to wonder, 'have I come to the wrong place?'. What's happening now is, for maybe the first time, bringing incredible excitement, life, hope, optimism about what's going to happen in Quitman."

The schools in Quitman greatly helped in this process. Kids from the school helped get their parents signed up for the lightning fast service so that the city could reach its goal before the deadline passed.

"First we started by having our parents sign up. We had the kids get involved," said Elisa Mayo of Quitman Schools. "We offered, through C Spire a kids pizza party movie field trip to the class who signed up the most people in their community and that gave us a really big turn out for our C Spire initiative."

With this new technology available to residents in Quitman, officials expect more people to begin moving there and the children to move back after college.

"I'm very excited about it. I have two small children and I would love for them to have the opportunity after they receive an education to come back to live in our community. And I think that's what most parents want."

Quitman is one of three cities that C Spire says is ready and are now qualified for the fiber optic cable. It is the only entire city that is ready. Neighborhoods in Starkville and Horn Lake are also qualified. Several other cities continue to try to get people signed up.