Quitman Swears In Elected Officials

Quitman's mayor and board of aldermen took their oaths of office Monday.

It's the second term in office for Mayor Eddie Fulton, who was reelected with 65 percent of the vote over challenger Chris Reeves.

Fulton says he wants to take advantage of studies the city has paid for to plan for the future. He says with assets like the Archusa Reservoir, Clarkco State Park and the Chickasawhay River, the city is prime for economic growth.

"A mayor cant do it by himself. It takes a good board, and we've got a good board," said Fulton. "And I've got probably the strongest group of volunteers, that you'd ever want to work with; they're outstanding with what they've done. So I'm very excited about the next four years."

Fulton says Quitman's current population is 2,300. But he predicts the town will have more than 3,000 residents in the next ten years.