Quitman Unveils Carousel Horse

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Quitman, Miss. On a very wet and rainy Sunday afternoon, Quitman's Mary Carter Park received a carousel horse for the Quitman's Women's Club. The horses are a common sight around Meridian, but this is quitman's first horse. This horse will help to brighten Quitman's newest park, the Mary Carter Park, which has been mostly built with the help of volunteers. The next thing they will doing to the park is fencing it in.

"Our next step in this project is inviting families to give a section of aluminum fence for us," Peggy Doggett of the Quitman Auxillary says. "They can give it as either a memorial, or honoring a family member."

"The challenge in the project was to incorporate all the services and projects the women's club do," volunteer Becky Loper says. "People don't know how hard these ladies work in all the projects they are involved in. That was the most interesting and challenging part of my job."

So what exactly does the Women's Club do?

"The Women's Club is a national organization, general federation of Women's Club, and we are just a small portion," Sue McMurtry. "Our primary goal is volunteerism. To make the communities we live in a better place."

The club also plans to build a walking path around the carousel.