RLT Smith Hosts Lunch with Dads

Meridian, Miss. Children at the RLT Smith Head Start Center in Meridian got the chance to bring their dads to lunch Wednesday.

The Head Start center wants to give more opportunities for male involvement in the children's lives. So they hold several events throughout the year where dads, grandfathers, uncles or any other important men in the kids' lives can come take part.

The center has also held Reading with Dads, Exercise with Dads and Breakfast with Dads, but this was the first-ever Lunch with Dads.

"Children look up to men a lot of times, and a lot of times it curtails on the violence and all that," said Orleatha Criss. "That's one of the reasons that we want men to be involved."

Criss says the center's first Lunch with Dads was a huge success. All the kids enjoyed bringing their fathers along and they look forward to many more to share with their parents.