Rain Multiplies Potholes

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The amount of rain Meridian has experienced in the past month has only worsened the condition of streets.

Meridian Public Works director, Monty Jackson, says the rain has produced a much greater number of potholes.

"That four inches of extra rain we got during January, it's really playing havoc on our roads," said Jackson. "Potholes are showing up where they haven't shown up before. Water just seeps down into the cracks or into the asphalt, gets underneath that layer, and as cars go over it, pumps it out and breaks the asphalt out."

Jackson says crews are checking roads daily and patching the areas of concern.

"But when it's raining, you can't do it," Jackson said. "But we are working as hard as we can."

Jackson says preparations are being made to begin overlaying some existing roads.

"Subcontractors are adjusting inlets and manholes, so that the new paving can fit right," said Jackson. "We are milling some older asphalt off and putting new asphalt on, so we got a big project that's going to take place in the next couple of months that's going to show a big improvement.":

Jackson says drivers are welcome to contact the Public Works at 601-485-1990, or email streets@meridianms.org, if you notice potholes that have not been filled.