Rambling Steve Gardner Back in Town

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Meridian, Miss. Born and raised in Pocahontas, Miss., Steve Gardner has made a name for himself in Japan where he now lives and performs almost year around. He occasionally visits his home state of Mississippi to play his music. He now goes by the name Rambling Steve Gardner and has become somewhat of an ambassador of southern music to the Japanese.

Bill Steber, who has been a long time band mate and partner with Steve says, "The go to guy for traditional music in Tokyo. But there's so many people in that scene over there and a lot of musicians. He's kind of the center of that traditional music scene and really an amazing advocate for Mississippi and for southern music and American music over there.”

One has to wonder how a boy born in Mississippi ends up in Japan.

Gardner says, "Things were just not happening in the 70s for me. And being a young guy I was looking around. I figured I could be poor and miserable if I stayed home or I could just be poor someplace else. So I just took off over there, started working and touring with Sony music.”

Gardner will be playing Thursday night at Squealer's Barbecue in Meridian.

"Maybe Britt Gully's going to stop by," Gardner says. "Dudley Tardo, one of the best drummers around. Can we just put a plug in for Meridian and how much we like Meridian and being here? I’m telling you, you've got some of the best musicians and some of the best views in the world right here.”