Randle Jennings Back in Court

Randle Jennings and Meridian city attorney Bill Ready Jr. were in court ordered examination at the Lauderdale County Courthouse Thursday morning to go over Jennings' financial information and for Jennings produce more documents ordered by the court, all in a lawsuit over funds provided by the city to Jennings for a youth program that never started.

"There were a few items he did not not bring, and on at least one of them he refused to answer the questions and produce the information," says Ready. "On the others like the income tax returns, he agreed to produce those when he gets it from the IRS."

The court ordered information provided by Jennings and given in the Judgment Debtor Examination allows the city to determine what steps are best in order to retrieve the more than $18,000 still owed by Jennings.

Ready explains, "The information that we have, we can avail ourselves with the garnishment statutes, attachment statutes, and essentially what that means is what cash or assets he has out there that are subject to a garnishment, we can go retrieve those funds."

As Jennings turns in the information requested and ordered by the court, he hopes to be able to work with the city to end the lawsuit.

"Well, hopefully now I can negotiate with the city in good faith and let them know that, first of all, the non-profit organization that we represent is a proactive move to try and really do what we can to help these children. We believe that the Promised Neighborhood Grant is a grant that will be beneficial with our community. We don't have time to go through all the rhetoric about whether or not who's trying to hide funds or who's trying to divert attention. Our children need help," says Jennings.

No other court date has been set for the case.