Randy Houser to Perform in Meridian

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Meridian, Miss. Runnin' Outta Moonlight, Randy Houser's newest #1 hit on the Billboard Country Music Chart is most likely one of many songs you'll hear when the country star performs at the Temple Theater on September 5th. Concert Organizer, Ken Rainey, says the Jimmie Rodgers Foundation believes that Houser, a Lake native, and East Central Community College graduate, is a very appropriate headliner for the 116th birthday celebration for Jimmie Rodgers.

"The possibility is that his album will be Platinum the week Randy is here, which is one week from this Thursday night. We just love Randy and love the fact that he's from Mississippi and topping all of the country charts around the nation."

Crews have already started getting the stage ready for Randy next Thursday at the Temple Theater, but he won't be the only one in Meridian. Great American Country TV, as well as CMT, and USA Today are all going to be there, and Rainey says that's going to put Meridian in the national spotlight.

"Meridian needs to put on the best face they can, and be in the Temple Theater on the Fifth of September for Randy Houser because there's going to be national television exposure."

Ticket sales have been steady, but Rainey says there are plenty of $30 reserved and $20 general admission tickets left, and that you can purchase at the Temple Theater. Doors on the 5th open at 5:30, with the show beginning at 6:30. Randy won't take the stage until 8:00, but Rainey guarantees everyone will be entertained for the hour and a half leading up to Houser.

"It's going to be a beautiful night, because there are 5 outstanding country music songwriters that are also traveling down here with Randy Houser. They're all top-notch country music songwriters out of Nashville."

Tickets to a meet and greet with Houser can also be purchased at the Temple Theater.