Newton County Met with Rare Summertime Tornado Warning

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Newton County, Miss. Thunderstorms are all too common during the afternoon hours of Summer in the South, but it's very rare to see one of those storms to become tornado warned. This was the scene in Newton County near Chunky Duffee Road yesterday about 6 PM, where a confirmed tornado was making its way to the southeast. Newton County Emergency Management Agency Director Steve Baggett says it was so sudden there was no time for preparation.

"Sort of caught us all of guard it looks like," Baggett said. First thing we knew we had a tornado warning that came out from the National Weather Service that came out somewhere around six o'clock or there about. Started looking at the radar pretty heavy. phone calls started coming in and reports of a tornado was given out by Newscenter 11."

Chief Meteorologist Brian Hutton Jr. says while a rare occurrence, the atmosphere played a huge part in forming the rotation.

"The thunderstorm that went up over Leake County and then moved into Neshoba County, apparently it started ingesting some rotation in the mid levels of the atmosphere," said Hutton. "The storm was able to get a little better organized to the point that it was able to drop a wall cloud and at least a funnel cloud."

The funnel cloud never officially touch down, Baggett says the experience is a lesson everyone can learn from.

"Just be prepared at any point in time we always need to be prepared for anything that can happen," Baggett said. "Even these little pop up thunderstorms in the summertime. We can have anything at any time."

Although it was a rare occurrence, the storm still provided many a glimpse of what is seen as one of natures more violent acts.