Rash of Burglaries

An investigation is underway into a rash of burglaries in Kemper County. The most recent happened Thursday night. In that case, $13,000 in cash and 9 weapons were taken from a house.

In all, within the last four months more than 18 burglaries have occurred in Kemper County. All but one of those happened in the western part of the county.

"I know that right now Kemper County has some of everybody in the country here, and we're really congested in the western area and that's where we're having the problems," says Sheriff James Moore.

Within the last four months, records show that more than half of the burglaries reported in Kemper County have occurred in the southwestern part of the county near the site for the multi-billion dollar lignite coal plant.

'Where there's progress there are other problems and the coal plant is a good thing for Kemper County, but also it has brought on some other issues that we have to deal with,' says Moore.

According to the sheriff, most of the burglaries have occurred during the daytime, and have involved houses and churches.

'It's imperative that as a homeowner, that you do everything possible to protect your property," says Sheriff Moore. "So, we want residents to be very aware and vigilant of what's going on around them during the day and anything that looks out of place, they need to be calling the sheriff's department so that we can check it out and try to put this to a stop."

Anyone with information about the burglaries that could lead to arrest is asked to call the Kemper County Sheriff's Department at (601) 743-2255.