Rash of Car Burglaries in Lauderdale County

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Pine Springs Road, Pine Springs Circle, and Haley Road are quiet county streets where ten car burglaries happened late Thursday night and early Friday morning.

Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun with the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department says that these kinds of crimes have happened before, but it has been a while since the last incident.

"We have recently not had this happen. Over last 2 or 3 years we have had several times where this same kind of thing has happened. It's typically a group of individuals, 2 or 3, working together," Calhoun said.

When a thief finds an unlocked car, they usually have just about as much time as they want to look through it for things like a cell phone or a GPS. That's because they didn't make much noise entering the car since they didn't have to break a window. Criminals also use lookouts.

"Typically they have another individual in a car as a lookout. They use walkie talkies or cell phones for communication in order to let each other know if they see someone coming, or if they see law enforcement," said Calhoun.

There are several steps you can take to make sure that this doesn't happen to you.

"We encourage people to protect their property by making sure they lock their doors, remove anything out of your car that could be considered valuable, that someone would want to try to enter your car for," said Calhoun. "If you see any suspicious vehicles in your neighborhood, don't wait, go ahead and dial 911 so an officer or deputy can be dispatched."

Calhoun said he wants to remind everyone that these things can happen no matter where you live.