Ready for the Primary

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You may remember last November that long lines formed at precincts in and around Meridian thanks to a larger than expected turnout.

Election officials in the county believe they have taken steps to avoid that problem Tuesday.

District 5 commissioner Jeff Tate says that county republicans and democrats have contracted commissioners like him to help with this primary more than any other.

"We train for this every year to be up to date with the election laws," says Tate, "we know the election workers, we know who wants to work where, and because of that they contracted us out more than previous primaries before."

Tate says the county in prepared in case there is another big turnout with US Congressional races and the Presidential primary on the ticket Tuesday.

"We've taken care of that situation, and we've got more machines there," says Tate.

"We're not looking for those problems this year."

Polls open at 7 AM, and voters are asked to check their voter registration card, and make sure you head to the right precinct.

Look for the county precinct number on your card, you must be in line by 7 PM for your vote to be counted.