Reconciliation Week Activities Begin in Meridian

Meridian, Mississippi Reconciliation Week activities began in Dumont Plaza in downtown Meridian Monday.

Tuesday marks the eleventh year anniversary of the Lockheed Martin shootings that happened in Meridian in July 2003. The community is gathering to honor the ones who lost their lives in the tragic shooting. Stacey Miller's father was one of the victims in the shooting, and she says rather than making it a bitter time to remember, she wants the community to come together to celebrate this week.

"We didn't want their death to be in vain so we chose to take that bitter situation and add a little sugar to it and we give out free lemonade and help spread joy to the community during this time," said Stacey Miller, the Reconciliation Week Committee chair.

The Reconciliation Committee will give away two scholarships this week and the winners will be announced on Wednesday at a luncheon. The committee also makes a donation each year to a local organization. This year's donation will be made to the Boys and Girls Club of East Mississippi.