Reconciliation Week Comes to a Close

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Meridian, Miss. It's been a week of reconciliation as many in the community remember the lives of those lost in the tragic Lockheed Martin shooting.

Family members of Reverend Charles Miller who was one of the victims, gathered at Forest Lawn Cemetery today where they held a short program to close out the week. The motorcycle club Queen City Cruisers lead a memorial ride to the cemetery where family members say it means a lot to have others there for them.

"It just makes our heart glad because you know somebody cares," Reconciliation Committee President Jinnell Miller says. "You know this is very lonely, and sometimes we seem sort of isolated and when we can get some public visible support from somebody, it just makes us feel good."

The family spent about an hour singing songs, reading poems, as well as scripture from the Bible to close out the reconciliation week.