Reconciliation Week Promotes Healing

Monday marked the 10th anniversary of the Lockheed Martin shootings in our area.

Lockheed employee Doug Williams killed six co-workers and then himself.

In conjunction with the anniversary, Reconciliation Week kicked off Sunday and continued Monday with free lemonade and baked goods given out at Dumont Plaza.

The idea is that when life deals you lemons, then make lemonade.

Ten years later, the families of the victims are still healing, but they hope these events will change how some people think.

"We are working with the heart of a man, what would cause a man or a person to want to harm somebody else?" said Jinnell Miller, the widow of victim Charles Miller. "And that's why this is so significant to us. If we can get people to think differently, you know, we hope we won't have to repeat this in the future."

Reconciliation Week events continue through the rest of this week.