Recovery in Philadelphia

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Friday we spent time in Philadelphia surveying areas we saw just minutes after a tornado ripped through on April 27th, 2011.

Last year we spoke to members of the Hancock family about an hour after their home off Longino Road was destroyed, and one year later, they are doing much better.

It took about six months, but Wade and Niki Hancock, along with their three children have moved into a home on the same property, and now they have a storm shelter right next door.

"There were people out of Meridian that came and offered services," remembers Niki Hancock.

"There were so many people you can't go to each individual [that helped us out]," says Wade Hancock, "if I could I'd go to each individual and thank them for everything that they've done."

Northside Park in Philadelphia was heavily damaged last year as well. Parks Director Chris Burt says things are pretty much back to normal and rebuilt.