"Red Carpet Ceremony" Comes to Meridian

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Meridian, Miss. Many who attended the picnic took to the red carpet afterward for another special gathering.

The MSU Riley Center hosted the Red Carpet Ceremony where Meridianites were allowed to act like celebrities for a night and walk the red carpet into a night that is fit for a celebrity. Food and drinks were provided for those in attendance.

"It's becoming a standard tradition," said Gala Attendee Donald Naylor. "Every 5 years growing up we knew that there was going to be a large gathering of people who our parents and grandparents hadn't seen for some time. So it's a mainstay of at least my childhood, young adulthood, and now this state and season of my life. It's a homecoming, it's everyone coming back together and strengthening those ties and bonds

The event lasted until about midnight Saturday night.