Red Ribbons for Candi

Red ribbons have been showing up all over town, and local flower shops have been busy completing orders for red ribbons. Mailboxes, trees, columns, and anything else that people put the ribbons on are being adorned with the ribbons for Candi Dunlap's eventual return home. Every florist tells us they heard about her release and the ribbons from customers, but Saxon's Flowers on 23rd Avenue has a close connecting to Candi Dunlap from one of their former employees.

Dianne Sims of Saxon's Flowers explains the significance to them. "Her stepdaughter worked here, so we have been close to the situation from the beginning, knowing that it was effecting her and her family, so it was very important to us already, and that's how we found out yesterday that she had been released, so it really was a nice surprise for us yesterday morning."

Red ribbons like this one began popping up about 9:30 Wednesday morning, after news that Candi Dunlap had been released from her Macedonian imprisonment began spreading. In fact, local businesses are doing their part to help show their support for Candi by offering red ribbons at an inexpensive price.

Randy Tew, head designer at Little Acre, tells us, "It's just because it's out of love for this lady, that, you know, we were against her being imprisoned to begin with, and now that she's out, we just feel like selling these red ribbons at a cheaper price makes good business sense, and it's great for her that she's out now."

Each flower shop we spoke with are selling the ribbons for under $5.