Redline Cleanup Effort

Meridian, Miss. There's an effort to clean up one of Meridian's most historic districts. About 30 participants from Lauderdale County's Drug Court took to the streets Monday to clean portions of the Redline area, known as the birthplace of Meridian's African-American community. Organizers say the effort is a win-win situation for all involved.

"It's important because people live here and we want our city to look good, not only for the residents, but for people who come to visit," says Lauderdale County Judge Veldore Young.

As part of its partnership with Keep America Beautiful, Lauderdale County's Drug Court is committing to keep areas surrounding historic Merrehope and Highland Park clean.

"For the judges and police officers and other people of the community to get together to clean up is a good thing," says Redline resident, Robert Henderson. "This is especially good for this neighborhood because it's really messed up."

"We want to feel good about where we are, and if it looks good then hopefully we'll have a better image of ourselves and where we're living," says Judge Young, who grew up in the Redline community. She says that having a clean city is good for everyone.

"We have partnered in the past with the housing authority. We did do a cleanup at Reese Court and we've done other community projects. We're interested in helping Meridian and helping ourselves."

"I think it's very good for us to give back to the communities. That's how we stay clean and sober by helping others," says Lauderdale County Drug Court participant, Mary Lyons.