Group Forms to Revitalize Redline

More efforts are underway to revitalize one of Meridian's historic neighborhoods.

In recent years, there have been mounting concerns about the increase in crime in Meridian's Redline area. Recognized as the 'the birthplace of Meridian's African American community,' efforts are being launched to help bring that area back to its former glory.

The newly formed non-profit group is called Redline Community Redevelopment.

"I recognize that this is a place where there is real value," said Scotty Cole, founder and Redline resident. "We can bring all of our resources together. We think the first thing we have to do is establish a relationship with the people and we can't have a relationship without fellowship."

That's why he says throughout the year the organization will sponsor free fellowship gatherings for the community behind the old Wechsler School.

"We want to create a collaborative effort with groups like the Youth Excitement Team and Gary Houston because we want to work with our young people," Cole said.

Right now the organization is also working closely with the newly elected board for Wechsler.

"We're more like a family than a community," said Greg Moore, Wechsler board member. "When we act like family things actually get done quicker. So, the more we can work together, the more we can get accomplished."

"Guess what? We have future educators, doctors and lawyers right here still in Redline and they're in a great place and we can invest in them," said Cole. "The sky is the limit."

The newly-formed organization will sponsor its next community fellowship Apr. 28. It's free to the public and will be held behind the old Wechsler school.