Redline Residents Look to Improve Community

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Members of the Redline community gathered for an afternoon of fellowship on Saturday in an effort to take back their community, which has been plagued with crime in recent years.

Hundreds were on hand for the come and go event hosted by the Redline Redevelopment Team at the old Wechsler school.

"People care about their community," organizer Scottie Cole says. "I really do believe people care about their community and they want to see their community better, not matter which community it is."

It was the second event held this year. There was plenty of food and fun and even a place where people could register to vote. Area residents say the community must unite in order to make a difference.

"Because look at this out here, look at everybody out here," Jackie Clayton says. "We having fun, laughing, talking, ain't no drama going on. No fights or nothing."

"I hope they come back and I hope they continue to come back," Valerie Foy says." Because I like said, Redline used to be good and I hope people can still come out and still communicate."

Officials with Redline Redevelopment say residents want to see improvement in their community and say unity is the key to a better future.

"A sense of togetherness and a sense of accountability," Cole explains. "Where we can be accountable for each other and make sure that our neighbors are okay because there is an old saying in the scripture that says 'Love thy neighbors thyself'."

Cole says efforts are being made to one day restore the old Wechsler School into an activity center for youth in the community.