Reeves Talks Job Creation, Legislative Session

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Mississippi's Lieutenant Governor says job creation is the top priority in the magnolia state at this time.

Reeves spoke to Newscenter 11's John Johnson about jobs and the 2012 legislative session on Sunday's edition of On The Record.

Reeves says the first thing lawmakers did during the 2012 legislative session was pass legislation that cut taxes, particularly on small businesses. Reeves says from looking at former Governor Haley Barbour's tax study commission, officials learned there was a state inventory tax that didn't exist in most other states. Therefore, lawmakers voted to do away with it, according to Reeves.

"That's going to make us much more competitive," Reeve says. "We also looked at a number of other reforms. In fact Governor Bryant, after the session was over, said this was the most business friendly session in modern Mississippi history."

In between his first and second legislative session, Reeves tells us he believes the state of Mississippi is in better condition now than prior to the first session. But he says there is still a lot of work to be done."

"We inherited a very difficult budget situation," Reeve says. "Due in part to President Obama's stimulus package, which certainly put millions and millions of dollars into the operating budget of our state. The problem is last year, it all went away."

Reeves is in his first term as Lt. Governor after serving as State Treasurer for two terms. He says after months of touring the state, it is clear that Mississippians are anxiously awaiting better and higher paying jobs in the state. But he says he does not believe that government creates job.

"Government simply creates an environment which will encourage the private sector to invest capital and create jobs," he says. "And so coming out of the 2012 legislative session after the 2011 election, that's really what we focused on is what legislation can we pass in the Mississippi legislature which will encourage the private sector to invest capital so as to lead to more job creation."

Speaking of jobs, the 10th annual Career Expo and Job Fair is being hosted by the Radio People and Meridian Community College. It is being held on Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Workforce Developement Center on Highway 19 North in Meridian. For more information, call 601-693-2661.