Reeves Unveiling New Teacher Pay Raise Proposal

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Jackson, Miss.

The Mississippi Senate will consider a teacher pay raise plan that's different from a proposal already passed by the House. The two chambers must agree on a single plan for teacher pay before anything could go to Gov. Phil Bryant.

The Senate plan deletes a checklist of things teachers would have to accomplish to qualify for a bigger paycheck.

Under the House plan, experienced teachers would have to fulfill at least three items on a 22-point list, such as earning national certification or serving on a local civic club committee

Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves, the Republican leader of the Senate, unveiled his teacher pay raise plan Monday. He says it will be considered Tuesday by the Senate Education Committee.

Reeves proposes giving each teacher a $1,500 raise this July and another $1,000 in July 2015. The third year of the plan offers a merit pay raise based on school performance.