Rendezvous Turned Into Crossdressing Robbery

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Meridian, Miss. It's being called unusual and an issue that could have been prevented. Early Tuesday around 4 AM, Meridian Police responded to what they thought was an armed robbery at Pilot Truck Stop on 49th Avenue, but upon further investigation it became clear just what the police were dealing with.

"After the officers and the detectives arrived on scene, and after speaking with the victim, they determined it wasn't an armed robbery, it was a theft," said MPD Detective Dareall Thompson. "The victim stated that a black male appeared to be dressed as a female, approached him and grabbed his wallet."

The suspect was described as wearing a pink dress and pink heels when he approached the victim. According to Thompson the two met online on a website called Backpage. Much like Craigslist, Backpage allows personalized ads for meeting up, selling items, and services. Thompson says it's important to maintain online safety in the technological world we live in.

"Anybody can put a fake name or photo on Backpage or Facebook," says Thompson. "We tell people to just be aware of who you are meeting because sometimes it can be a set up."

Thompson says if you do end up meeting someone from online, there are a few tips you can follow to keep yourself safe.

"Always let someone know and also if you are going to meet this person, meet them where there are several other people around, just not by yourself," says Thompson.

Thompson says the suspect was reported to have escaped in a Black Nissan heading north on 49th Avenue. He says the case is still under investigation.