Snowden Reacts to Senate Race Challenge

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Meridian, Miss. It's been almost two months since US Senator Thad Cochran took home the winning votes in the controversial US Senate Race, but challenger Chris McDaniel has yet to back down. Representative Greg Snowden recently sat down with Newscenter 11 to discuss the aftermath of the runoff election and the recent challenge that McDaniel has issued.

"Senator Chris McDaniel who ran against Senator Cochran has challenged the outcome of that election," Snowden said. "This was filed with the Republican and State Executive Committee on Monday of this week."

Snowden says that because of the amount of allegations and evidence involved with this challenge, the 52 members of the committee decided against hearing the case.

"The chairman determined that the appropriate thing was to go ahead and inform the McDaniel campaign that the committee was not going to hear this," Snowden said. "We didn't dismiss it, didn't say it was not meritorious, just that it's really beyond the capability of the committee to fairly assess and that it needs to go to court."

Snowden says the challenge itself will finally shed some relief on the senate race as the courts determine the outcome of the case.

"This is what's going forward, a court of law will have the opportunity to sort through this, hear testimony, observe witnesses, look at the documents, look at the numbers, you know what exactly happened," Snowden said. "It will give us a factual determination and it's not going to be a matter of speculation."

Snowden says he believes if the court were to find some irregularities, the court would most likely order another primary election and not declare a winner.

Senator Chris McDaniel will have until this Thursday to file the challenge within a Circuit Court in Mississippi where an allegation was found.