Reservoir Removing Squatters' Camps along Pearl

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Jackson, Miss.

Crews from the Ross Barnett Reservoir armed with heavy machinery and barges have been hauling off squatters' camps set up on the Pearl River.

The reservoir's general manager, John Sigman, told The Clarion-Ledger that they've moved 112 tons of stuff, including carpet, lumber, tents, barbecues and outhouses.

Sigman says the camps both made the incorrect impression that they were on reserved areas and brought complaints that they were eyesores.

The Reservoir Parks Policy Committee is looking at proposed rules to limit the number of consecutive days people can camp along the river, ban permanent camps and require campers to take out everything they brought with them.

Before they're official they need public comment, including public meetings over the next several months. But Sigman asks campers to abide by the proposals now.