Residents Continue to Process Storm Damage

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Stories of survival continue to trickle in after a deadly tornado destroyed many homes.

Massive destruction can be found throughout Noxubee County. What used to be neighborhoods are now piles of rubble. It will take more than a just a few days for life to return to normal. People living here say they are just thankful to be alive and safe. Haley Beard wasn't home when the storm hit, but says her husband was.

"I was actually on the phone when the tornado hit," Beard says. "He made it as far as from the carport to where our laundry room is, which is not very far at all, before it hit."

Carolyn Robertson says she and her family have lived in Noxubee County for 15 years and have never witnessed anything like what they saw happen on Thursday.

"I didn't believe it at first," Robertson says. "And then I got another phone call. I was devastated when I seen it. I never expected anything like this to happen right here."

Families we talked with say while they are thankful to have each other and for their safety, they say they pretty much lost everything else. Those items can be replaced though.

For more on how you can help those impacted, call the American Red Cross at 601-485-5151.