Responders Undergo Tactical Training

Lauderdale County, Miss.
EMTs, paramedics, sheriff's department and police department personnel came together for a high-intensity training course conducted by Specialized Emergency Response Training and Meridian Community College.

Emergency responders participated in scenarios to prepare for extreme situations.

"Seconds and minutes can matter between life and death," said tactical medic instructor, Andy Anderson. "Over the years, philosophy has changed. And there's become the realization that a tactical medic needs to be an integral part of the tactical team."

In order to have quicker response times, they brought in the helicopter to learn about how they can each work together to get those injured to safety.

"Worst-case scenario, surrounding areas can come together, they can work together," said Dereck Moore, MPD tactical paramedic. "They know what each other's planning on doing. They've already got that implemented into them, so they'll know how to work with one another instead of being in a confused state."

These sessions prepare all emergency responders for extremely dangerous situations such as an active shooter in the school or workplace. But it also takes time to prepare them for the dangerous environment of working around helicopter equipment.

"Helicopters are actually quite dangerous when they're operating," said pilot Evan Battle. "The blades are spinning fast, and most of the time they're in a position where if people coming up walking around the running helicopter, they can get caught up in some of the equipment. The rotor blades and the tail rotor blades are the most dangerous things out there."

Instructors say tactical training saves lives, and they will keep educating emergency responders. This training session is one of many held throughout the year.