Rev. Charles J. Miller Memorial Luncheon Takes Place in Meridian

Meridian, Mississippi The Reconciliation Committee in Meridian continues to remember and honor those who lost their lives in the July 2003 shooting at Lockheed Martin.

The committee hosted the annual Reverend Charles J. Miller Memorial Luncheon at Union Station Wednesday. The winners of the Miller Scholarship were announced at the luncheon. Fabian Mason and Lynette Nave received the scholarships. Both graduated in 2014 from Meridian High School. Stacey Miller says the Reconciliation Committee uses this luncheon to bring the community together.

"One of our mottoes is is to bring people together of diverse backgrounds in order to build positive relationships and this luncheon is one way to do that," said Stacey Miller, the Reconciliation Committee Chair.

The focus of the committee is to help those in need and provide opportunities for relationship building to create positive responses in the community.