Ribbon Cut on New Police Station

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Meridian, Miss. The ribbon has been cut, and Meridian's new Police Station is officially commissioned. The 44,000 square foot, $10 Million building is finally finished after several years of construction and some setbacks along the way. Acting Police Chief James Sharpe says that all of the extra space in this building compared to the old one will help them serve the people of Meridian better.

"If they had to complain or do a statement with a detective, there might be as many as 20 other folks in the room. With this building, it affords privacy to the citizens of Meridian, moreso than we ever could in the previous building."

Hundreds of members of the public came out to tour the new station, and they all seemed to be very impressed with its quality.

Judy Johnson says, "I've taken a tour around the place, and the courtroom is remarkable, it just really is nice. I think they've got a good place to work now."

"It's just gorgeous. It's state-of-the-art like they've said, and so needed in this city for the officers that are representing our city," said Pam Vance.

They also believe, like Sharpe, that this building will help boost officer morale so they can do their job even better.

"I think they'll be more refreshed when they go back out. It's certainly a beautiful place to come into even if the work is pretty hard," said Johnson.

Vance says, "I think it's just going to be so much easier for them to do their jobs that they're doing out there protecting the city."

Crews began moving into the new station immediately after the ceremony, and Sharpe hopes to hold the first patrol briefing there next Wednesday.