Road Dawgs Tour 2013

Meridian, Miss.

Mississippi State University's Road Dawgs Tour included a stop in Meridian Tuesday.

The annual caravan allows MSU fans to connect with some of the people who lead the university and its football and basketball programs. It started in Atlanta Monday.

The Road Dawgs Tour will also include stops in Jackson and Houston, Tex., in July.

State fans are spread all across the southeast and the university knows they're looking for great things from MSU.

"It's great to have a fifth year senior and Tyler (Russell) has an opportunity to hold most of the school records in passing and fulfilling the career that everybody thought he could have when he came to MSU a couple of years ago," said head football coach, Dan Mullen. "We're excited to have him leading our program and we're expecting him to have a huge year this year."

"Our kids last year, I think, learned how to compete," said Vic Schaefer, women's basketball coach. "But this next season i think those 7 coming back now understand what it takes and it's their job now to impart that on the new 7 that are coming in. But these new 7 coming in are super competitive."

"We want to make improvements in our off-season," said Rick Ray, men's basketball coach. "I think right now is our time for our guys to be selfish and work on their individual craft and their skills. And what we want to do is, we've got guys that have some deficiencies in areas, we want them to go out and improve in those deficiencies in this off-season."

Basketball season starts in late fall. Football season opens Aug. 31 against Oklahoma State.