Road Work Projects

Lauderdale County, Miss. Within the next two weeks a county-wide initiative for road improvement will start in Lauderdale County. As part of it, more than a dozen roads will be resealed and properly striped. Supervisors say that the work is just one of several efforts to improve county roads.

"What I suggest is that residents call their supervisor if they have a concern about a road because we will be opening more bids later on some more work," says Hank Florey, who is president of the Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors. "We're also overlaying some roads at present. We're overlaying some roads in my district, District 1. So, we're overlaying and also doing some resealing; we're trying to take care of our roads."

Florey estimates that around 15 county roads will be resealed and/or striped once the work starts within the next two weeks.