Road to Recovery

Tuesday's icy conditions put a strain on anyone trying to navigate the roadways. But it also took a toll on city and county employees. Public Works, Meridian police and fire fighters have spent the past couple of days working tirelessly to ensure the public's safety through a flood of calls for accidents and road damage.

"The sheer volume of the calls we get of cars being in ditches and sliding off the road, clogs up your manpower," Lt. John Griffith of the Meridian Police Dept. says.

The Meridian Police Department says its number one undertaking lately has been handling car accidents, just like many of the other city departments.

"When it's situations like this, it's all hands on deck trying to make the citizens safe," Meridian Mayor Percy Bland explains. "They did a great job staying in their homes, but we had extra personnel out and police."

And now the city could be seeing reimbursements for all the overtime employees put in trying to keep the public safe over the past few days.

Mayor Bland and city council have issued an emergency proclamation requesting reimbursement from the state.

"We're asking for reimbursement for overtime for police officers, public workers people and also if we have any damage to our street, we can ask for reimbursement with that," Director of Public Safety Bunky Partridge says.

No city streets are officially closed, and the mayor is hoping that the city will be back on a normal schedule by Thursday morning. Mayor Bland says while he's proud of the public's efforts to stay safe, he wants to remind everyone that the danger is not over yet.