Robbery Victim Recalls Terrifying Moments

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Meridian, Mississippi Meridian Police say they have arrested and charged James T.M. Irby of Marion for robbing the Chimney store on 5th Street and injuring the owner.

Abdul Murshid is the victim in Wednesday morning's robbery and he says he suddenly found himself fighting for his life after a man with a gun walked into his store. Murshid says he didn't expect his day to start the way it did.

"I never dreamt," he explains. "I never dreamt because you know, everybody in this hood is very nice to me. And I've tried to be nice to them. I help them. Somebody needs my help, I help them."

Murshid tells Newscenter 11 he was standing behind the counter when James Irby demanded he give him money. Murshid says when he reached for the money, Irby hit him over the head with a pistol, which led to a dangerous fight between the two that resulted in Murshid being injured. He says he is just thankful to be alive to tell his story of survival.

"He was a regular customer," Murshid recalls. "He comes like at least once a day, at the same time. Everyday, at the same time and so I didn't pay too much attention to him that he would hurt me."

Irby's arrest is the second robbery related arrest that Meridian Police have made this week. Investigators have said it before and they will say it again, any little bit of information can help in solving a case.

"This is one of the incidents where a concerned citizen who had information about a crime, called it in," Captain Dean Harper says. "That's all it takes sometimes is one call that leads to that arrest."

Police say business owners must be proactive in fighting crime, such as posting signs to prevent suspicious activity. Murshid says he is grateful to MPD for putting an end to this case.

"I'm here just to serve the people in the hood," he points out. "And this is why I have the confidence I'm going to stay here and nothing will happen."

The case goes before the next available grand jury. MPD says Irby is charged with armed robbery and aggravated assault. He faces a $500,000 bond.